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11.04. | Klub Bahö! #6 @ Cafe Leopold

ceremonyRunde 6 im Klub Bahö! - FREIE TEXTBÜHNE & (LIVE) MUSIK > Live on stage: US-Rapper Raashan Ahmad, der momentan durch Europa tourt um sein neues Album “Ceremony” vorzustellen. Darauf vertreten, internationale MCs wie z.b. Ty, Miles Bonny oder Rita J. aber auch österreichische Beiträge von Mez und Newcomerin Soia.  Raashan Ahmad & Live-Band: Mez [keys], Vinicius Cajado [bass], Amaro ‘Chicco’ Moralez [drums] & DJ Funky P.WortakrobatInnen sind herzlich eingeladen sich für die Freie Textbühne anzumelden! > Der Eintritt ist frei.
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gospelywebStella jones & The Christmas Gospel Singers is an American Gospel group of superlatives! You will be amazed by the music and the rousing Gospel show with the feeling of Gospel shows, as they would be celebrated only in the U.S.You hear the most famous songs from the repertoire of Stella Jones, who toured for 10 years successfully within Europe with this formation. The selected voices of Gospel group to present authentic American Gospel in intensity and quality unattainable – Spreading Joy and sharing Love for Gospel music!

18.12. Big Synagoge @ Plzen
19.12. Conservatory @ Pardubice
20.12. Church of Virgin Mary in the Snow @ Olomouc
21.12. Evangelic Church of Christ @ Ostrava
22.12. Petrov Cathedral @ Brno

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S.K. Invitational Promotion Video

This is a great start for 2010!

Life is so funny sometimes…

In October 2008 I went to see Common live @ Roseland Ballroom in NYC. After the show I went on the C train to get back home to Brooklyn and right besides me I hear this dudes (Mathias Löscher, Stephan Kondert, Philipp Nykrin, PEter Kronreif) talking with a very strong dialect from where my mother grew up, Salzburg :) So we started talkin´and it turned out that all of them were musicians!
Since that day we stayed connected and months later we work on projects together back in Austria – isn´t that funny!
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