S.K. Invitational Promotion Video

This is a great start for 2010!

Life is so funny sometimes…

In October 2008 I went to see Common live @ Roseland Ballroom in NYC. After the show I went on the C train to get back home to Brooklyn and right besides me I hear this dudes (Mathias Löscher, Stephan Kondert, Philipp Nykrin, PEter Kronreif) talking with a very strong dialect from where my mother grew up, Salzburg :) So we started talkin´and it turned out that all of them were musicians!
Since that day we stayed connected and months later we work on projects together back in Austria – isn´t that funny!

I´m greatful to be sourrounded by talented and good people like mastermind of the band S.K. Invitaitonal, Stephan Kondert. S.K. Invitational – that means 16 musicians shifting the border of live music a step further, under the special direction of bandleader and bassman Stephan Kondert.

On their 2nd upcoming album RAW GLAZED which will be release on January 5th 2010 features well known national and international artists like TY, Buff1, Phatcat, Blumentopf, TEXTA, Deph Joe and Lylit.

The combination of Big Band sound, ranging from Jazz, HipHop, and Drum ´n´ Bass to Dancehall pumping beats and deep bass lines brings a new flavour to your eardrum and you will automatically be forced to move your body and shake what your mama gave ya!

And I´m so looking forward to be on the road with 25 people :)

Check them out and support good music!